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Shhh Keep It on the Hush

You and EZ sneak away from the party to play.

Submitted by EZCollegeGrl  09/22/16

Imagining You Here

All alone. Missing you.

Submitted by Umbrellabound  09/22/16

You Make Daddy Throb So Hard...

Just fantasizing about you on your knees, begging for me.

Submitted by tarkustrooper  09/22/16


The Seduction / Corruption of an Angel.

Submitted by MyInfiniteStupidity  09/22/16

Mondays and Humping

Mondays can be amusing, and recalling a past lover.

Submitted by LadyJackie  09/22/16

Fuck my Face


Submitted by MyInfiniteStupidity  09/22/16

Random Audio Sex Stories

Bathroom Quickie

You need it bad.

Submitted by Mirage  08/07/13

Hypnotic Climax for Women

Allow me to guide your mind (and body).

Submitted by Loverboy26  01/15/14

Erotic Description

A description of what I would do to you.

Submitted by sensualsharon  04/06/10

Class Dismissed...

He keeps you back after class.

Submitted by Dr_Impervious  06/08/10

An Induction for Couples Plus

Induction for couples wishing to improve their sex.

Submitted by masterhypnotist  12/15/03

On the Edge

I'm not allowed to cum yet but that doesn't stop me playing.

Submitted by redhotbothered  03/13/15

Long Distance Call

He makes a sexy call to an old flame.

Submitted by domain  01/08/07

Jacking For You Ch. 02

Did you think I'd stop at just one?

Submitted by Anonymous_stranger  07/02/14

Red Callum, Sweet Cate

A night in the crypt? What could possibly go wrong?

Submitted by Bramblethorn  10/21/14


She ties him down, then plays - with another girl.

Submitted by asian_princess  11/13/05

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Text With Audio Hall of Fame

Daddy's Bedroom

Sensual roleplaying : 'Daddy' misses his coed daughter.

Submitted by BoyfromEngland  10/11/07


Indulging myself in a little ass touching...

Submitted by meowkitty123  01/19/16

"Cock Tease" Has Another Meaning...

It's time for him to show you how bad of a tease he can be.

Submitted by Endless_Roads  09/04/15

My Favorite Position

Describing it after 16 long days of denial.

Submitted by Endless_Roads  12/21/15

Morning Masturbation

Me and my dildo.

Submitted by SubmissiveSiren26  09/15/15

The State of Brandi

Thanks to you, I have been in quite a state all day.

Submitted by BrandiBlue212  03/29/16

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