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Pleasing My Master

She does what he tells her - willingly.

Submitted by ima6uldv8  06/30/09

Quick Suck

He's jacking off while thinking of you sucking his cock.

Submitted by pantyshot  01/29/08

Help to Relax

Sit down, get comfortable, and listen to his voice.

Submitted by cameramike  06/25/07

The Rough Outdoors

You take your Angel just how she likes it, rough.

Submitted by angeloftemptation  02/09/12

Something Dirty

A woman talks to her husband late one night.

Submitted by Cinner  06/11/13

Private Party

She needs you in the worst kind of way.

Submitted by angeloftemptation  12/21/11

Don't Touch

She tries out her dominant side.

Submitted by mollyisme2  05/30/05

My Orgasms: Orgasm Bueno

His extended, no-touch, no-ejaculation, full-body Tantric orgasms.

Submitted by andresina2  06/08/10

Lisa from Seattle

They met in a bar, and one thing led to another...

Submitted by harddxm  02/01/11

Switched Pt. 01

Sometimes fantasies can come true.

Submitted by Bellatrixie  12/21/11

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Unfolding Ch. 01

Couple experiments with first time anal sex.

Submitted by Selena_Kitt  03/13/06

Leopard's Tale: Puppies n Rainbows

You, a fireplace, and a very nice, sweet guy.

Submitted by leopard50  03/13/12


She's horny for you. Won't you please pick up?

Submitted by WarmMilk  11/17/09

And Then We Met

After months of phone fucking, you finally meet.

Submitted by LoreLai  03/26/07

Teaching Carol Ch. 03

Young teacher learns more about her submissive nature.

Submitted by zenmackie  09/05/05

A Moment with You

Spare moment of your time for a lonely little girl.

Submitted by WarmMilk  11/24/09

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