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A Satisfied Slut

AJ calls for help after edging. What's she made to do?

Submitted by funluvinaj  02/16/17

AJ Gets Caught

AJ's porn viewing gets interrupted.

Submitted by funluvinaj  02/16/17


Family is over. Dinner is ready soon. Do we have time?

Submitted by Phoenix_echoes  02/16/17

Taken Teacher 02

The tale continues...

Submitted by Mirage  02/16/17

Stroking While Listening to You

Stroking my cock while listening to your audio.

Submitted by jaymasters45  02/16/17

A Visit with Father Hudson Ch. 02

Sweet young Chastity visits the rectory.

Submitted by Anonymous_stranger  02/16/17

Random Audio Sex Stories

Just Something that Happened

I wish it were more.

Submitted by MungoParkIII  03/26/07

A Spanking Session

Swedish Dom gives sexy Waita a spanking.

Submitted by Mighty Eagle  07/07/09


Directed Erotic Visualisation© audio experience for Women.

Submitted by smotp  10/28/15

Dare to Let Go

Lose yourself, lose your mind, and let go.

Submitted by tarkustrooper  12/23/15

My Punishment

I'm ordered to punish myself with nipple play and spankings.

Submitted by pussablywet  04/26/16

Night Out

You get him so horny when you dance.

Submitted by K-Kwik  05/25/15

Ooh La La Pt. 01

Your shy French girlfriend wants to learn how to please you.

Submitted by Eves_Garden  09/08/16

Feeding a Slave

He feeds cum to His 'kitten'.

Submitted by Joseki Ko  01/03/05

English Sub Boy & Vulva Inspection

Inspection of good girl's womanhood.

Submitted by BoyfromEngland  05/17/07

Peppermint Pussy-Fire in the Hole Pt. 03

Continuation of Sir's Session with His Slave.

Submitted by ditto79  02/05/13

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Text With Audio Hall of Fame

The Oedipus Complex

You can't lie to me, I'm your mother... I found the pictures.

Submitted by MissKittenSK  05/25/16

Beauty and the Beast

An erotic, obsessive retelling of the classic fairytale.

Submitted by Cardlin  07/08/16


He has to confess... He's been thinking about you.

Submitted by British Filth  10/06/16

The Flustered Physician

Your physical won't take long...

Submitted by MissKittenSK  07/21/16

A Vesper Martini

Right here, in the hotel bar?

Submitted by MissKittenSK  06/17/16


Indulging myself in a little ass touching...

Submitted by meowkitty123  01/19/16

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