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Fantasy Weekend Ch. 02

We take our new friend back to our hotel room

Submitted by Anonymous_stranger  01/20/17

Practical Magic

Shunned, a witch makes the town all feel her pleasure.

Submitted by MissKittenSK  01/19/17

Taking Care of You

Just sit back, relax and let me take care of you.

Submitted by K_23  01/19/17

Watch Him Fuck Me

Husband sees video of his wife having sex with a stranger.

Submitted by KJLarson  01/19/17

Good Girl Instructions Pt. 02

Fuck I need you x

Submitted by BoyfromEngland  01/19/17

Working Off My Detention

Please Sir, can't we come to an arrangement?

Submitted by MissKittenSK  01/19/17

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Switch Bitch

Wife emerges as strong partner in kinky marriage.

Submitted by wislbleur  12/16/09

Comic Shop Head

This tomboy wants her nerdy best friend all to herself!

Submitted by theravenfox  05/25/15

Acts of Submission

she dreams of His big hard cock.

Submitted by carne_dulce  03/23/10

Fucking Your Face and Your Cock

Tark's in bed thinking of her favorite fantasy.

Submitted by tarkustrooper  12/31/14

AJ's Masturbation Moans

Teasing myself with toys, memories, and my imagination.

Submitted by funluvinaj  02/25/15

Fucking Lisa

He thinks of Lisa while using his pocket pussy.

Submitted by pantyshot  02/12/08

My Baby Cums for Me

We tape her orgasms. Listen in to this hot couple!

Submitted by sexploration7965  02/22/11

Tark the Flirty Campus Floozy

She's got you in her sights; you're not going anywhere.

Submitted by tarkustrooper  11/12/15

A Waking Dream

I wake up from an erotic the reality of you.

Submitted by Nippie1  11/03/16

Back to School

Naughty thoughts during my college classes.

Submitted by Babydoll655321  09/25/14

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Text With Audio Hall of Fame


He has to confess... He's been thinking about you.

Submitted by British Filth  10/06/16

The Flustered Physician

Your physical won't take long...

Submitted by MissKittenSK  07/21/16

The Oedipus Complex

You can't lie to me, I'm your mother... I found the pictures.

Submitted by MissKittenSK  05/25/16

Beauty and the Beast

An erotic, obsessive retelling of the classic fairytale.

Submitted by Cardlin  07/08/16

Artificial Intelligence - E.V.E.

Erotic Virtual's a long space mission...

Submitted by Eves_Garden  09/02/16

A Vesper Martini

Right here, in the hotel bar?

Submitted by MissKittenSK  06/17/16

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