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What Kitten Wants

Kitten gets to play with Sir. (collaboration 2 voices m/f)

Submitted by MissKittenSK  10/22/14

Quick & Wet

Such a juicy little pussy...

Submitted by angeloftemptation  10/22/14

Make Me Feel It All Over

We have all night, no rush.

Submitted by angeloftemptation  10/22/14

Ana Has Other Plans

Spontaneity at its finest.

Submitted by xxxanaxxx  10/22/14


You force me through the grind...

Submitted by redhotbothered  10/22/14

Afternoon Ravishing

He walks through my door & I know I'll get what I've craved

Submitted by NylaTalks  10/22/14

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English Sub Boy Masturbates with You

English Sub Boy masturbates with "You" the listener.

Submitted by BoyfromEngland  08/08/05

The Reverend Pt. 01

Charting the systematic, sinful defiling of a man of God.

Submitted by spurious  10/23/12

Just Like That

He has excellent oral skills.

Submitted by luckygirl18  12/05/12

Spoiled Fruit

He'll always regret this!

Submitted by velvetpie  01/17/05

Date Night

We finally get a night alone.

Submitted by Surfer_Rod  08/30/11

Tiffany's Tits

She cums from having her breasts licked & sucked.

Submitted by Boxlicker101  02/14/05

Read, Listen, Cum

Transcontinental masturbation with my Irish Lass.

Submitted by Aqua_Lune  04/12/11

Me Masturbating: Phone Sex Partner

Me masturbating for a phone sex partner.

Submitted by sensualsharon  04/16/13

The Hotel

Meeting a friend at a hotel for the first time.

Submitted by SomeAussieGuy  07/25/12

English Sub Boy is Your Rope Master

Part 1 of Master's Return to Room 114.

Submitted by BoyfromEngland  07/10/06

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Text With Audio Hall of Fame

Vampire Audio Blog 02

She craves her human but dare she try & have sex with him?

Submitted by Corijezmi  01/28/14

I Love Halloween

Halloween costumes lead to fun.

Submitted by just_another_voice  10/10/13

Vampire Audio Blog 01

vamp desires a human lover but fears she'll hurt or kill him.

Submitted by Corijezmi  12/30/13

It All Makes Sense

An epiphany leads to thoughts of us together at last.

Submitted by just_another_voice  06/12/14


A woman succumbs to Loki and her weapon, Mind Killer.

Submitted by theravenfox  08/12/14

All I Want For Christmas

Her long distance love shows up to give her a special gift.

Submitted by just_another_voice  12/17/13

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