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SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 21

... draw your knees up, show Me everything...

Submitted by smotp  06/20/18

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 20

...push up with your knees...and sit on my mouth...

Submitted by smotp  06/19/18

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 09

Come for Me while I watch?

Submitted by smotp  06/18/18

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 19

...That was sooo good, you want to do it again don't you...

Submitted by smotp  06/18/18

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 18

...Good Girl, you are sooo open now...

Submitted by smotp  06/17/18

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 17

Short, sharp and to the point...just cum

Submitted by smotp  06/16/18

Random Audio Sex Stories

Couldn't Wait

She tried to wait for you, but had to cum.

Submitted by Rikki_13  07/06/10

Oh, You...

She gets hot for you, only you.

Submitted by tickled_pink_69  09/16/10

Sharing Sara

Mina meets Sara in Las Vegas for a mff threesome.

Submitted by Mina24  01/17/12

Jeep Ride

We go for a jeep ride in the mountains.

Submitted by Mirage  02/23/12

Playtime Pt. 02

By popular demand...

Submitted by Surfer_Rod  03/21/13

Red Gloves

Hot little whore gets shared with the Room Service Attendant.

Submitted by Louboutins  04/25/13

Man Sounds

Sometimes the moans are all you need.

Submitted by Endless_Roads  06/05/15

An Older Man to Own

What I wouldn't do to get my hands on an older man...

Submitted by tarkustrooper  08/28/15

Bed Rest

Sick and Tired and needing you.

Submitted by TheGreyKnight  10/28/15

Say You're Sorry

All characters are over the age of 18.

Submitted by TheGreyKnight  11/12/15

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Text With Audio Hall of Fame

Giving You What He Can't (Irish Accent)

You love him. But you crave me.

Submitted by AttractiveGeek  06/15/17

Morning Orgasm 02 (Irish Accent)

You wake me and surprise me by taking control.

Submitted by AttractiveGeek  11/23/17

He is Coming for You

Halloween Hallucinations: Reaper's Night RIP.

Submitted by Sandman_Nightmares  10/06/16

Morning Orgasm (Irish Accent)

He's waking you up.

Submitted by AttractiveGeek  03/09/17

Do You Want to Know a Secret?

The secret about what "sexy" really is.

Submitted by Endless_Roads  01/04/18


He has to confess... He's been thinking about you.

Submitted by British Filth  10/06/16

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