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Summer Surf School

The aussie accent/puppy love at surf school.

Submitted by xelliebabex  08/29/14

Revealed (audio)

In passion, Margarete and Lise swear an oath.

Submitted by golden smog  08/29/14

A Kitten's Eye View

Wanna know how I felt about our evening?

Submitted by MissKittenSK  08/29/14

White Panties

Let's Play Doctor. I've got white panties on...

Submitted by emma_the_librarian  08/29/14

Going Up?

Riding in the elevator together .

Submitted by Babydoll655321  08/29/14

Craving Married Cock

I want to make you forget about her.

Submitted by angeloftemptation  08/29/14

Random Audio Sex Stories

Lea Nights Has a Private Moment

All my housemates are home, so I've got to be quiet!

Submitted by Leanights  01/15/14

My Present

An erotic gift of another women leads to a greater reward.

Submitted by RedHairedandFriendly  10/09/12

Don't be Shy

Naughty co-ed gives shy girl her first time.

Submitted by angeloftemptation  08/02/11

Cherry-Ripe Toes

Something for me (and the BFFs - my women fans).

Submitted by KingsWoman  01/09/14

A Stimulating Handjob

I describe your handjob in vivid detail.

Submitted by Jawadde  03/09/10

Hypnotic Climax for Women

Allow me to guide your mind (and body).

Submitted by Loverboy26  01/15/14


She ties him down, then plays - with another girl.

Submitted by asian_princess  11/13/05

Friday on the Train

Co-workers meet on crowded train home from work.

Submitted by DKmermaid  12/27/11


An erotic horror audio file.

Submitted by hisdinner  10/06/03

Spoiled Fruit

He'll always regret this!

Submitted by velvetpie  01/17/05

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Text With Audio Hall of Fame

I Love Halloween

Halloween costumes lead to fun.

Submitted by just_another_voice  10/10/13

All I Want For Christmas

Her long distance love shows up to give her a special gift.

Submitted by just_another_voice  12/17/13

Vampire Audio Blog 01

vamp desires a human lover but fears she'll hurt or kill him.

Submitted by Corijezmi  12/30/13

Sleeping Beauty

She loves the morning most of all.

Submitted by WarmMilk  09/21/10

Unfolding Ch. 01

Couple experiments with first time anal sex.

Submitted by Selena_Kitt  03/13/06

A Moment with You

Spare moment of your time for a lonely little girl.

Submitted by WarmMilk  11/24/09

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